Better Reading

Yesterday I got to do the ‘What Are You Reading?’ segment at Better Reading with Cheryl Akle! I’m a long time listener of the Better Reading Podcast and introduced myself to Cheryl Akle in a Harper Collins lift in 2019 with the….OMG YOU’RE CHERYL AKLE FROM BETTER READING…I am just cucumber cool aren’t I?!? Obviously I am a huge fan of Better Reading, I think the community they have built is a great one, and the interviews she gets to do are next level! Very very cool!! So to say I was ‘nervous dash excited’ is an understatement…I was practically counting down the minutes!

By the time I arrived at the Better Reading office it was less dash excited and more just nerves.. It was like I had forgotten I was talking about my favourite subject- books Ive been reading and loving…I was acting like it was a trip to the dentist. And then I buzzed. Dexx came down to let me in, and he was just the loveliest- pretending everyone needs a personalised escort in.. Jane was like a friend and honestly she and Cheryl just made me so comfortable. Natalie, Rose, Jasmine.. they were all so sweet, and all incidentally had a pile of books of their desks.. what a work!!! It was also such a treat! And it was completely true, as soon as we started chatting books I was just chatting books.. so much fun!!

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