Wild Place

Could.Not.Put.It.Down loved it being set in suburbia in 1989, prince’s 1999 completely takes me back to the summer of 1989 and for a valid reason I think now. Loved Tom and the theme of satanic panic, loved all the twists and turns, loved absolutely everything about it. So clever, so well done


I remember forever from when I was 14, I thought it was so romantic and so sophisticated…my experience reading it as a 44 (ekk) year old was so different! I can’t remember if being quite so risqué, I remember it was about sex, but I think a lot went over my head? I had no …

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March Already?!?

What a year 2022 is turning out to be! Here in Cronulla we had the covid explosion that was January, the speed of February- such a short month! And now March here we are already half way through! At Anna’s we’ve started our IRL Author Events again, and they have been wonderful! Susannah Hardy, Penelope …

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Family of Liars

I got to read an uncorrected proof and I’m so grateful to Allen and Unwin for the experience. Loved the 80s nostalgia and all the good eating x I loved the opportunity to get inside the head of a privileged, rich white completely flawed Carrie. Loved the exploration of family expectations, sibling rivalry and gosh …

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We Were Liars

w This was my second time around with the liars and I loved it all the more. That twist! That Cadence! So well done, Such a strong sense of place and people x I see criticism of the style, but it’s from the perspective of a broken girl..I love it

The Cane

SO atmospheric, SO claustrophobic. I’m not real a thriller reader, but goodness this was great Australian rural noir, ‘the close, damp heat’ I thought it captured the 70s so well, the casual sexism and racism, the meat and three veg Australian feel ‘size of a brick shithouse..still bloody poignant’. Janet, Carmel, Barbara, it was all …

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