A Caravan Like a Canary

What a beautiful, sensitive, heart wrenching, emotive read. Definitely worth the uncomfortableness. I don’t know what I was expecting, I’m a Sasha Wasley fan; but this just superseded every expectation. Their childhood is just so bloody tragic, one that we really need to talk about as a society. Books like this make that conversation possible. I was right beside Tara with her blue pencil case, white knuckling her way through life. I could completely empathise with Zac dream of a beach in Indonesia and “energy of a terrier and focus of a goldfish”. And Danh..ahhh I loved him. This book deals so well with environmental issues, domestic violence, PTSD..you wouldn’t think it would also be a beautiful roadtrip full of sunsets, seals and surf. Definitely one I won’t ever forge

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