Traditional book clubs are a compromise between convenience and tastes – here you can have your cake and eat it too!

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To Italy With Love

So much fun! This is my first Nicky Pellegrino and I am delighted there’s a back list for me to gobble up, I loved To Italy with Love ❤️I really

Murder by Numbers

Everything I could want in a cosy, romantic whodunnit!! I loved it! The town of Lemon Tree Bay gave me all the Stars Hollow feels; it’s a quirky seaside township


What a series to have started right on our lockdown 2.0 what a highlight! This is a series that centers around Liza as she reenters the publishing world after years

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ReadA Pod

I’ve been dreaming of this post for well over a year now.. in my wildest dreams I have a podcast, it has been on my New Year’s Resolutions list for

Reading Down My TBR

I’ve always had a healthy TBR pile… I can’t remember the last time I didn’t know what I was going to read next. I’m always a little bit jealous/ a

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Today a big day for me! Over a year ago now I pictured this moment and put it aside, thinking it would never be possible. But we have done it!