Treasure & Dirt

Hooked me right from the opening scene, this is a complex, intricate thriller. I love Chris Hammer novels, he really is my gateway into scary, they just have such a brilliant sense of place. I could feel the flies under my sunglasses and that 40 degree burn. My sister has moved to lightning ridge this year so it was great getting a feel for the opal town. I feel as though I have a reference for living there.
I don’t know if I just am always hungry, but every time I think of Silver I think fish and chips and I strongly suspect I’ll be experiencing the same association here with hamburgers! He just puts you right in the scene.
I thought I was going to miss Mandy and Martin but I honestly didn’t even look for them; Ivan and Nell are great, complex whole people who I just loved getting to know.
Treasure and Dirt deals with decades long grudges, rivalries and misunderstandings. It’s a really all comes together in the end ride that I am completely there for! Loved it!!!!

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