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I’ve been dreaming of this post for well over a year now.. in my wildest dreams I have a podcast, it has been on my New Year’s Resolutions list for the last two years. I’ve flirted with one in the past; I had procrastinated with investigating podcast hosting sites, chosen theme music…I was even lucky enough to have been able to interview some authors, thank you SO much Lisa Ireland, Cassie Hamer, Kerri Turner, Maya Linnell, Rachael Johns, Tricia Stringer, Monique Mulligan, and Joanna Nell… I spent hours sitting and procrast- editing and countless hours dreaming…

It wasn’t until Sydney went into our second lockdown in June that I really committed. And with the value of hindsight Podcasting is a project that needs time and energy. It really isn’t something I could have realistically done without this time. There is SO much to think about and to do, theme songs are the least of it!

But eight weeks in, 17 episodes later I can shout it from the rooftops. I have a podcast. Please go ahead and listen, please offer all the *constructive* feedback, no one is going to try harder!

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