What a series to have started right on our lockdown 2.0 what a highlight! This is a series that centers around Liza as she reenters the publishing world after years out of the workforce.

I was told I would absolutely love this show by my friend Adriarn and the author Cassie Hamer, so I gave it a whirl and I loved every second of it!

It is so, I’m sure, not a realistic portrayal of a publishing house or the effort that goes into working in one, but that was SO much fun!! I’m sure that there is more than one publicist working in New York, I am sure that some of the outfits are not work appropriate, I’m sure it takes longer to set up an imprint and publish a book…

I’ve never worked in publishing, so I could well be wrong, but I was so interested to see the way social media is used to promote a book, the fact that Jane Austen needed a twitter account x The whole Inkubator idea to me sounds so feasible to me! It was also SO cool to go down down the whole quirky authors rabbit hole, I bet there are some very delicate authors out there…I loved the whole ‘romance keeps the lights on’ storyline; I know so many people who are embarrassed to be reading their Danielle Steels, we all love them; and if you like it then it’s a good book. I also really loved seeing the friendship that makes up Empirical, even I know the book community is a genuinely friendly one. Real connections and relationships are made over the pages of a novel, and that was so wonderful to watch.

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