The Paris Secret

Absolutely LOVED it. For me it was the perfect historical fiction. I learnt so much about pilots and spies in world war 2, haute couture and Negroni cocktails.. things I didn’t even know I didn’t know. I love that her latest books focus on historical events absolutely “from the perspective of someone overlooked” This is a perfect dual timeline story, and I have to say I loved every character at every time. From Ravensbruck concentration camp to the Dior catwalk to crumbling Cornwall cottage. From France, to England and Australia. I learnt so much about what it meant to be a fashion historian, what a career that would be! I also learnt so much about what it meant to be a pilot in the WAAF, what an experience that would have been; to have to fly in darkness using railway lines to guide; incredible. I love the detail Natasha Lester gives, its not just the world, its the detail as well. The book was just so well done. Absolutely LOVED it.

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