** spoiler alert ** Gosh I was completely immersed in this story. It’s a novel concerned with mental illness and domestic violence “he felt so scared..the fear of missing made him stop from even trying” “the bitch will pay”. I think it does a brilliant job at looking behind the names and headlines of tragedies like Luke Batty and Hannah Clarke and tells the story. It is incredibly powerful. The characters of Laurence “first they want to hear..remorse is their currency” and Ava were completely believable, but it is Max and Teddy as well as Auntie Mary and Tillie that will stay with me forever I think. It’s also beautifully told, full of bird symbolism and beautiful landscapes. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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I'm a lifelong reader, who's been in book clubs for over 10 years. I've hosted over 50 author events at my café/bookstore that I've had for over 10 years. I review and recommend and love to engage with other ReadA's

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