The river home

Oh my goodness, what a story. Without any spoilers I’m just going to review saying read it. I can’t imagine anyone not loving it.
It’s contemporary, it’s family relationships, it’s packed with issues and interesting themes. It has beautiful imagery, I could taste the apples, see the river and feel the sun on my face. I love Hannah Richell, but this was just so tender and caring. The novel is full of such well formed three dimensional characters. I came very quickly to care for every person, even when I could see they were at fault. I just loved everyone. But it’s so much more. So full of love and so deftly treated. I loved it

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I'm a lifelong reader, who's been in book clubs for over 10 years. I've hosted over 50 author events at my café/bookstore that I've had for over 10 years. I review and recommend and love to engage with other ReadA's

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