March Already?!?

What a year 2022 is turning out to be! Here in Cronulla we had the covid explosion that was January, the speed of February- such a short month! And now March here we are already half way through! At Anna’s we’ve started our IRL Author Events again, and they have been wonderful! Susannah Hardy, Penelope Janu and Vanessa McCausland have all had a seat on the author chair, all such different approaches to writing and such different novels but goodness they were all so interesting; its been an honour to have them at my shop. This Sunday we get to speak with Dinuka McKenzie; she won the banjo prize in 2020 for her brilliant The Torrent and I cannot wait to sit down with her!! I love having books in my life and my business it makes it all so much more rewarding, even if it does make the months fly by!

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