Reading Down My TBR

I’ve always had a healthy TBR pile… I can’t remember the last time I didn’t know what I was going to read next. I’m always a little bit jealous/ a little bit disdainful of people who finished a book last week and are wondering what they should read next…there are SO many books I want to read, I have the actual fear I will die with a pile of books I wanted to read….

I know here in Sydney we’re behind the rest of the world in terms of lockdown. Readers in other countries have probably faced this realisations last year…..but, oh my goodness I had no idea I had so many books at home waiting to be read!!!!!

I didn’t really have a designated spot for my TBR, so I had NO IDEA how many I was actually lusting after! So many little piles of books scattered throughout my home!!I Once I brought them all together I was amazed, no wonder I hadn’t been able to keep up, I had 104 books to read!!! And I hadn’t been reading my shelves down consciously at all, it’s all too easy to add to the wishlist!

I know I am partial to some bookstagram envy, I know I love to read the latest and truth be told the ones not yet released yet…and I have a preloved bookstore so I guess it is easy to bring them home; but STILL!!

I’ve had the best month of reading my shelves down. I’ve read books that have been collecting dust on my bedside all August and I have loved every single second of it!!! It’s a real sense of appreciation- that ahhh I knew I was going to love it and I did feeling…

Note to self written!

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