This so was not the book I was expecting. I thought instead of seeing Jane fall in love with Mr Bingley it would be the servants talking about Jane falling in love with Mr Bingley..how completely wrong I was. This story is the lives of the servants of Longbourn. We see the Pride and Prejudice storyline from another perspective (Mr Collins might not have been that bad!), but we also get to see the lives of the servants; what their days were like and what was important to them. It was all so interesting. The washing, the soap making, the dubbin and the tea leaves. I can’t believe I hadn’t ever thought it before. We also got to see more of the time of Austen. The Bennet’s were so sheltered and protected from the times in the way their servants wouldn’t have been. Its completely it’s own story, but I also think it’s completely enhanced my Pride and Prejudice experience. I absolutely loved it

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