Who We Were

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ReviewI’m so not a thriller reader, so I was scared to start reading my ARC, but this was perfect for me. It’s definitely more character based domestic noir than bloody and violent. The storyline was so interesting. 17 year olds can so self centred, obnoxious and casually cruel in ways a 37 year old with life experience and empathy would never be. The story centres around a group of people whose 20 year school reunion is coming up. It’s an interesting premise and so easily relatable. There are lots of main characters, but I never lost my way with them, they’re all so different and well defined. It was such a mystery, I stayed up way too late because I just had to know. As well as the obvious themes of then v now and friendship, step parenting, loneliness, homelessness and disability are here too. It was my type of mystery, loved it! 

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