The Woman From Saint Germain

I really liked it. I thought the fact that Eleanor was so vain and arrogant just made her a rich, entitled fully formed character. I liked seeing WW2 through the eyes of an American living in Paris, a French policeman, and the German outcast. I loved Bauer, haven’t we all made bargains with God…I really felt the atmosphere of suspicion and desperation that would have been present in 1941 German occupied France. I felt it really captured survival in wartime. I also really loved seeing Shakespeare and Company, a nice nod to book love. It was a great book to read now, comfortable and feeling sorry for myself because I’m social isolating.

By Anna

I'm a lifelong reader, who's been in book clubs for over 10 years. I've hosted over 50 author events at my café/bookstore that I've had for over 10 years. I review and recommend and love to engage with other ReadA's

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