Young Adult


I remember forever from when I was 14, I thought it was so romantic and so sophisticated…my experience reading it as a 44 (ekk) year old was so different! I can’t remember if being quite so risqué, I remember it was about sex, but I think a lot went over my head? I had no …

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Family of Liars

I got to read an uncorrected proof and I’m so grateful to Allen and Unwin for the experience. Loved the 80s nostalgia and all the good eating x I loved the opportunity to get inside the head of a privileged, rich white completely flawed Carrie. Loved the exploration of family expectations, sibling rivalry and gosh …

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We Were Liars

w This was my second time around with the liars and I loved it all the more. That twist! That Cadence! So well done, Such a strong sense of place and people x I see criticism of the style, but it’s from the perspective of a broken girl..I love it

When Men Cry

What a novel x I think everyone should read this powerful book at least once. Men’s mental health, gambling, youth culture is here, but so is a powerful tale of group dynamics and a coming of age story. It is raw and there are so many triggers to warn regarding but goodness I just think …

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The Hating Game

That was so much fun…love an enemies to lovers story, and Lucy and Josh are completely the quintessential arch enemies. So much fun. The smurfs, the strawberries and the medial destiny all just made it complete. I completely loved it, but poor Josh; Lucy even made me uncomfortable with her objectifying…but still; so much fun


I was going to say it’s Hunger Games meets Greek Mythology…everyone is thinking it! That was such a ride!! Perfect for now. Lots of gender equality and grief themes to think about while you are going up and down the roller coaster, and it was so fun hanging out in New York vicariously. Although you …

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Normal People

I didn’t like this book or the characters at all while I was reading it. Self absorbed, young and the will they/ won’t they just wasn’t for me…I’m in a whole different age bracket and life than what this book is concerned with…I just didn’t care about anybody…I liked the style just not the people…But …

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