Uplit fiction

The Funny Thing About Norman Foreman

I loved it 😍 exactly what I wanted to read. It’s a gorgeous, sweet, heartwarming charming novel about family and ‘a Rolls Royce of a bloody friendship’ that’s over. It’s just the most tender exploration of a single mother-son relationship I’ve ever read. I can’t recommend it more highly enough

Everything is Beautiful

I physically hugged this book when I finished it. I loved it SO much. I could not recommend it more highly. I love Amy, I completely understand her love of treasures. Richard and Charles were super sweet. Tim and Rachel…I just loved this book so much

The Godmothers

I could not have asked for a more lovelier read to end 2020 on, what a hug. Loved Eliza and everybody really. Loved absolutely everything about it. Loved the armchair travel that you know you can look forward to in a Monica McInerney, as well as the thoughtfulness and sweetness

A Man Called Ove

What a perfect time to be reading such a touching lovely novel.Although I certainly wouldn’t call 59 old the statement it makes about ageism was so powerful..’telling him he’s not needed any more..’ I loved seeing Ove fight the good fight against the ‘white shirters’, I loved that I started the book assuming he was …

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