The Man Who Died Twice

I thought I loved the Thursday Murder Club..this is next level!!! I loved the friendship, the humour, the diamonds…the absolutely everything about it! I loved the deeper exploration of the characters, but also really its a stand alone novel! So sweet, so fun, so mysterious!!

Wild Place

Could.Not.Put.It.Down loved it being set in suburbia in 1989, prince’s 1999 completely takes me back to the summer of 1989 and for a valid reason I think now. Loved Tom and the theme of satanic panic, loved all the twists and turns, loved absolutely everything about it. So clever, so well done

Family of Liars

I got to read an uncorrected proof and I’m so grateful to Allen and Unwin for the experience. Loved the 80s nostalgia and all the good eating x I loved the opportunity to get inside the head of a privileged, rich white completely flawed Carrie. Loved the exploration of family expectations, sibling rivalry and gosh …

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We Were Liars

w This was my second time around with the liars and I loved it all the more. That twist! That Cadence! So well done, Such a strong sense of place and people x I see criticism of the style, but it’s from the perspective of a broken girl..I love it

The Cane

SO atmospheric, SO claustrophobic. I’m not real a thriller reader, but goodness this was great Australian rural noir, ‘the close, damp heat’ I thought it captured the 70s so well, the casual sexism and racism, the meat and three veg Australian feel ‘size of a brick shithouse..still bloody poignant’. Janet, Carmel, Barbara, it was all …

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The Torrent

Such a thriller for me! Although I’m generally not a thriller reader, but this was definitely thrilling for me! I loved the rural Australian setting; I so remember the heat of ‘the uninsulated metal roof of the demountable…’ I loved Detective Kate Miles; watching her deal with the casual sexism and racism was so moving, …

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The Housemate

What a cracker!!! I’m not much of a thriller reader so I was on the absolute edge of my seat the entire time! There is a ‘fair bit going on’ but goodness what a thrill! Love Oli and Cooper. Completely loved seeing the clash of old print media and subscription based podcasting! Love seeing the …

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