To Italy With Love

So much fun! This is my first Nicky Pellegrino and I am delighted there’s a back list for me to gobble up, I loved To Italy with Love ❤️I really enjoyed both Sarah-Jane and Assunta’s characters, they were both friends of mine right from the start. Probably not the best book to read when you… Continue reading To Italy With Love

Murder by Numbers

Everything I could want in a cosy, romantic whodunnit!! I loved it! The town of Lemon Tree Bay gave me all the Stars Hollow feels; it’s a quirky seaside township complete with a traditional clam chowder night and an annual lip synching battle, I loved spending time there x The central character Clara Mitchell is… Continue reading Murder by Numbers


What a series to have started right on our lockdown 2.0 what a highlight! This is a series that centers around Liza as she reenters the publishing world after years out of the workforce. I was told I would absolutely love this show by my friend Adriarn and the author Cassie Hamer, so I gave… Continue reading Younger

ReadA Pod

I’ve been dreaming of this post for well over a year now.. in my wildest dreams I have a podcast, it has been on my New Year’s Resolutions list for the last two years. I’ve flirted with one in the past; I had procrastinated with investigating podcast hosting sites, chosen theme music…I was even lucky… Continue reading ReadA Pod

The World That We Knew

Such a beautiful novel. I loved it and am so moved by it. I thought I had read so many World War Two Jewish experience novels that I would be desensitised, but this novel had me crying like I didn’t know whole schools were rounded up, like mother’s didn’t send their daughters with strangers, like… Continue reading The World That We Knew

The Devine Feline

Oh my goodness I love this book. The relationship between cats and humans is an ancient one and I was so glad to explore it here. Pebbles is an absolutely gorgeous guide and this books is just physically beautiful and soulfully exquisite. It would make the most perfect gift for the chic cat lover as… Continue reading The Devine Feline

White Gardenia

This was my second read of White Gardenia and I think I loved it all the more. I love a sweeping, epic saga and a determined, intelligent courageous heroine so I was in readerly heaven. Belinda Alexandra is one of my go to authors and I would read her shopping list if I could. The… Continue reading White Gardenia

The Beautiful Words

What a beautiful read. Empathic. Vulnerable. Tragic. I loved every page. It’s a beautiful read. Loved everything about it. Loved Sylvie, Kase, Fran, Eve and Holden xThe storyline should probably come with a trigger warning, it does delve into some very serious topics. But they are topics that absolutely need exploring in our society, and… Continue reading The Beautiful Words

The Maid

That was delightful! Molly the maid is just a state of perfection, her and her tea and raisin-bran muffins x. I loved the characters, the plot kept me hooked, there was so much in this novel to love! I loved exploring the themes of invisibility, ‘just another nobody’, justice being ‘an imperfect system’, the idea… Continue reading The Maid