The Secret Life Of Shirley Sullivan

I loved it! I loved Frank. I loved the escape and the road trip but I also really loved the eating of scones and vanilla slices with the sun warming your back and nowhere to be. For me this is absolutely the definition of life lit. I loved that Shirley and Frank weren’t just oldies,Continue reading “The Secret Life Of Shirley Sullivan”

The Bar Habor Retirement Home for Famous Writers

This is a lovely story. A book full of troubled and damaged people who you just love. The novel centers around a beautiful retirement home that I want to live in right now, it’s gorgeous reading. It’s such a whimsical, beautiful book. Themes of love and forgiveness feature so significantly, so does mortality and acceptance.Continue reading “The Bar Habor Retirement Home for Famous Writers”

All Our Shimmering Skies

What an epic quest. So different from what I was expecting. So much more than what I was expecting. Beautiful girls doing unbelievable things. It is such evocative language “knobs turning, doors opening, cupboards slamming shut…”. Such beautiful messages “I think we’re supposed to to find ourselves things to etch”; a world where gold rotsContinue reading “All Our Shimmering Skies”