Why an online bookclub?

I’ve been in bookclubs for the last 15 years. I’ve been in friend group style bookclubs, I’ve been in formal structured bookclubs, I’ve run bookclubs and been in exclusive book buddy style bookclubs; for me there is nothing better than talking to someone who has read the book you have just finished. I am a big fan of bookclubs! They’re all wonderful, and as far as I am concerned the more the better

But haven’t we all been in a group that should really be called a wine and cheese club? Or one that seems fine, but you just don’t gell with the members- isn’t that horrible when you try a club that has been meeting since Di and Charles got married and they have their own shorthand and lingo..Or once I was in a group and honestly if they spent 2 minutes talking about the book it was a record! They were friends that should have just said lets meet for a chat, they had zero intention of reading! I’m in a group at the moment that read SO much crime, it’s good for me because without the prompt I wouldn’t have read even an Agatha Christie, it is not my choice of genre at all…but I’m conscientiously trying to stretch my reading self!

There is no better time to online, for me that’s the silver lining of the pandemic; I would never have felt comfortable zooming if not for bloody covid! But now I know its not that hard, its no more an invasion of privacy than a phone call…I have loved the way everything feels closer ironically; thanks to zoom. I have bookish friends in Perth and California!

And there is no better time; social media has made everyone so close! I can see exactly what the weather is like on the other side of the globe and feel real connection with people there.

An online bookclub makes so much sense! it cuts out the people who only want the cheese and company.. it opens you up to people just as interested in reading as you..and at exactly the same time as you.. and reading the same way as you! There are so many more people out there that you can find your kindred spirits! You can read the type of books you want with the type of people you want!

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