It’s my birthday..

I turned 44 yesterday and cannot believe it. Last time I looked 44 was grown up, and I feel like I’m just getting started, but that’s probably a blog for another day… I had a wonderful relax and completely read the day away!

Dave made me a bed end bookshelf out of pine and built it into our bed, from now on I can think of myself as Freddie Mercury of the book world- he had a piano built into his bed and I am just as cool…TBR just got so much more accessible! I love it!! its incredible x and the love and thoughtfulness of such a gift is next level. Its one thing to think it; what Anna needs is some more shelves.. but to actually make it over the course of birthdays, ahh true love baby! So now I think memories at the bedhead, TBR at my feet; do you think its Ok to have my autographed novels on display? Or too cringe? Decisions Decisions….

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