To Italy With Love

So much fun! This is my first Nicky Pellegrino and I am delighted there’s a back list for me to gobble up, I loved To Italy with Love ❤️
I really enjoyed both Sarah-Jane and Assunta’s characters, they were both friends of mine right from the start. Probably not the best book to read when you are hungry, the food was to too deliciously described, I could practically smell ‘the grilled swordfish coated with crushed sweet dried peppers’. There was a real sense of community here in Montenello, of course everyone would know she is ‘the woman whose car broke down’…I absolutely loved Baxter, I would have given him a big gelato too x
I do wonder if this will be our style of feelgood fiction post covid; both of our main characters are lonely, it’s not quite as perfect as it maybe would have been if not for a global pandemic. There was so much less jet setting and less hugging, less people maybe? I don’t know, it definitely didn’t feel like it was set in 2019..just something that got me thinking…
I got to read this one ahead of its release and I’m completely grateful to Hachette for it

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