The Likeness

Absolutely ridiculous premise, absolutely unputdownable story!! I know these characters like my own self!! Their breakfast habits (eggs, rashes, toast and coffee) their library carrels, their smoking habits, even their underwear (plain white cotton), I completely understand their ‘glittering web fine threads’ connecting them, their ‘seamlessness..’ These housemates are the most self contained, untra-intelligent posse ever; I completely felt it along side Cassie..’all this time underpinning everything, this..not just envy, something like awe’…I know Whitethorn House just as well, ‘old wood and tea leaves and a faint whiff of dried lavender..’ ahh it really did feel like coming home…I couldn’t have loved it more. I have always wondered about ‘undercovers who’ve slept with gangsters, given out beatings and shot up heroin…’ I loved the vicarious exploration I got to do…really just a shame about the whole murder/ thriller/ couldn’t sleep for wanting to know element….

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