That was exactly what I was after! I completely expected to be googling everyone and everything, but the story is completely contained. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. I was captivated by ‘Stupid Circe’s’ journey from downtrodden and bullied to powerful witch of Aiaia through self discovery, ‘Will and work’. The novel was beautifully written ‘dazzled by the sky’s vastness, the sun’s unfettered heat..‘just beautiful. For an immortal goddess there was an awful lot to relate to..the ‘silliness of youth’, the early motherhood scenes where just so human ‘every minute I must wash and boil and clean and scrub…every minute he also needed something…’ The novel is absolutely as ‘enchanting and blistering modern’ as the blurb promised. I loved it, can’t recommend it more highly enough ‘it’s a common saying that women are delicate creatures..if I had ever believed it, I no longer did’ 👌

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