What a brilliant novel. I absolutely devoured it. I’ve just recently read The Midnight Library and I’m reading Atonement again for our bookclub I’m hoping still goes ahead….what a version of an alternative universe. Imagine being the real life Hilary Rodham and reading this ‘is there a parallel universe where I married Bill..’
I expected for it to go over my head, I don’t know that much about American politics or what the role of females in government really, I googled the 60 minutes interview and various outfits and it’s just given me such insight.
I don’t know that much about the Clintons really, but here they are characters, Donald Trumps tweets are hilarious…I think we all ‘don’t understand what goes on between him and his phone’…I wasn’t expecting to love this novel like I did sisterland..but I got so engrossed in the novel so quickly. Just brilliant!!!

By Anna

I'm a lifelong reader, who's been in book clubs for over 10 years. I've hosted over 50 author events at my café/bookstore that I've had for over 10 years. I review and recommend and love to engage with other ReadA's

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