The Dictionary of Lost Words

I was never one to read the dictionary growing up. Even when I started reading this I was like ‘what hasn’t there just always been..’ I have never thought about what is in the dictionary and who’s meaning is in there. This book was such an eye opener for me. I loved it and appreciate it so much. It was perfect. I loved Esme and Lizzie, Da, Ditte and Gareth. I loved the slow start of the plot culminating in the horror of World War One. Seeing the first wave of feminism like this was just so interesting. Knowing the difference between tired and knackered is something I won’t ever forget ❤️

By Anna

I'm a lifelong reader, who's been in book clubs for over 10 years. I've hosted over 50 author events at my café/bookstore that I've had for over 10 years. I review and recommend and love to engage with other ReadA's

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