The Deceptions

What a deception. It’s true, it is an absolutely compelling story. I got so much out of it. For me it’s that you can be deceptive, to yourself as much as everybody else but the lies are still there. It’s a busy story, there are multiple characters and storylines but I found it so easy to keep them straight, they’re all so different from one another. I thought the central themes of truth and consequences to be so interesting. The lies we tell and the cost of this survival. The writing was so well done. Images and moral dilemmas I know I’ll be pondering over for a long time to come. I wasn’t surprised to all to read this experience of the Holocaust mirrors that of real people. I’ll definitely be reading Border Street.
I definitely made a connection between European Jews and Iranian refugees. The way we’ve just watched. But that might just be my guilt. This is a very moving, powerful nove

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