Elsa Goody, Bushranger

I LOVED having a new Darry Fraser to read! I love Australian colonial fiction, so I knew I would love this novel even before I started it and I was right. I loved the feisty, independent, opionated Elsa.. she is such a strong, determined protagonist for the novel. I want my niece to read it for her integrity and grit alone. I loved the quest this book encompasses, the adventure and the mystery, the search for buried treasure was so much fun. I also loved seeing their day to day lives. I particulars; the food and drink, the underwear and what they did with wet clothes…I loved that she was so excited to vote, I would have been exactly the same. It tackles big issue; grief, domestic abuse, and independence and self determination. But it is also just a great feel good romance, and it was so nice to see genuine love reflected in a family setting, father and children, and the bonds of siblings. I mustn’t often see that because I really appreciated it.

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